Get Your Skin on Ten!

If you’re not excited yet, you should get excited real soon because this blog is about to CHANGE YOUR LIFE!

So I’ve recently been on my “New Year, New Me…. Get Fine 2018” journey.  By that I mean, inconsistently going to the gym and watching countless Health and Life Hacks on YouTube. With that comes a lot of wasted money on products that do nothing for me UNTIL I came across a new Birmingham, Alabama based company

Oulzo Shea | Black Soap


What is this stuff?

-An all natural, deep skin cleanser made primarily from liquid Black Soap. Personally, I never liked black soap. I have sensitive skin and have been avoiding it because it’s so darn drying!

BUT this particular liquid soap has proven me wrong! Why you may ask? It’s because of the all natural added ingredients! (keep reading until the end for my personal skin care routine!)

What’s in it?

– It’s enriched with Shea butter, palm oil, coconut oil, banana leaves, coco butter, aloe vera and a hint of strawberry essential oil. You guys, it smells so good! Like seriously.

How will it benefit me?

-The number one question that any product junkie such as myself would ask. “What does it do, and why do I need it?”

It provides relief from moderate acne, skin inflammation, and improves skin tone. It’s healing properties help to remove blemishes, protect against premature aging, and wrinkles. So basically, it’s your life in a bottle.

Below, owner Seynabou Niang shares her passion for the company:

“My business is actually a subsidiary portion of my family’s business. My older sister ships wholesale raw black soap and shea butter internationally and I really wanted to make it a part of the family business my own. I don’t really like the raw solid form of black soap, but I do enjoy the benefits so I found a process called saponification that can chemically transform solid soap to liquid. I used that idea and new product to launch Oulzo, named after my sister Houleye Niang”

Bri’s hacks

Here are my results after 2 weeks! No foundation just good ole sunlight!!

Below is my personal routine when using Oulzo Black Soap

  • First I rinse my face with warm water to open my pores
  • Next I wash my face with the Oulzo (a little goes along way)
  • Then I rinse face with warm water
  • For a deep clean, I go in again with the Oulzo Soap
  • I rinse face with cool water because it feels nice and closes my pores
  • Apply moisturizer (I use Aveeno or Vaseline lotion)
  • (*in winter, or if I want to be shiny) Apply Organic Coconut oil or Vaseline

if you want to see other client testimonials click here!

if you have any questions regarding ingredients, shipping, etc. owners email is


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