Top 7 Things to do After Graduating

  1. Buy big girl/boy clothes– Don’t drop a fortune just yet. Remember, you’re still broke, just educated. Try to catch all the New York & Company and Express sales, you’ll be interviewing often! Less leggings and joggers, more slacks!
  2. Celebrate! YOU JUST GRADUATED. That is a huge accomplishment and you deserve to have a drink (…or three)
  3. Get your resume application ready! You want to apply to jobs as much as possible so you can choose from multiple offers/businesses. Take off things that don’t seem valuable to the company and have multiple resumes that mirror the company’s needs!
  4.  No really, work on your resume. (This is actually tip number 3.5) Your resume should change based off of what position and company you are applying for (see more about this, read ‘Got the degree, now what?’)
  5. Budget– This is the perfect time to get your finances in order! Start making it a habit and you’ll be well prepared in the future! If you haven’t already, start an emergency fund and mentally plan out how you want to allocate your money (even if you don’t have much yet)
  6. Travel– with this newfound budget, make sure you use all this free time to accomplish some things off your bucket list! If you’re not married or have children, go ahead and get your travel on before you have to be responsible!
  7. Stay positive and reward yourself- you may be getting a lot of rejection emails from companies but you can’t dwell on the negative! Self-care and mental health is more important than anything!
  8. Use LinkedIn– get connections and use them! The amount of people on LinkedIn is ridiculous, the opportunity to connect with CEOs and business professionals can help you in the long run.

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