Post Graduate Depression

IMG_0142.JPGOvercoming post-graduate depression

Most people don’t believe that this is a real thing. Some understand but ignore the issue.

As a recent graduate with some experience under her belt and determined to make something of herself, I’ve probably applied to 50+ companies in the past month with 50+ rejections or vacant responses.

Interviewing has become exhausting and applying, in general, seems to be hopeless. Obviously, I won’t give up because I strive to be excellent however some people may not be as optimistic. Job seekers, take a step back. You are valuable, you are worth it, and you will persevere.

The first step of entering into this new realm of life is understanding timing. Not everyone will receive their dream job offer the day after they walk off the stage and that’s OKAY.

Look at every job you have/had as experience. Even though you don’t have your dream job yet, look up job qualifications for that job and gain them somewhere else. By doing this, it makes the time between finding your perfect job profitable and helpful.

Self care is a mandatory step in job searching and post-grad life.

Even if you are in your career already, understanding and addressing the fact that this is a big change from being in college is important. If you enjoy going out in college, go out every now and then! Experience every stage in your life fully and appropriately.

Schedule out your days. Have a specific time where you check job feedback emails and when that time is up, STOP. Receiving “no’s” randomly all day will stress anybody out!

Your feelings are valid

Do not be afraid to voice and embrace what you are feeling. You don’t want to linger on the negative but it is important to address it and talk to a close friend or counselor about it.


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