Got the degree…now what?!

Woo-hoo! *cues alma mater and fight song

So you’ve graduated college, you’ve endured those long and stressful four years of partying, socializing and occasional learning and now….

Now what?!

Professionals have stressed the importance of college and drilled it into our minds but what are the steps after we’ve been thrown into the wilderness aka the “real world”?

If you are anything like me, you’ve applied to 30+ jobs a week, hoping that the one internship and countless campus leadership positions would somehow be enough for these Fortune 500 companies looking for a young, recent college graduate with 5+ years of experience (sooo achievable….NOT!). Then, by some miracle, you’ve found an open position that you’re actually qualified for and now you’re stumped.

Here are a few things that have helped me in my search!

  1. DON’T JUST APPLY- If you are using sites like (great for comparing salaries and seeing company reviews) or any other job board site, be sure to follow up with and email the hiring manager; they get hundreds of applications so make sure they remember you!
  2. USE YOUR CONNECTIONS– LinkedIn allows you to reach out to any of your connections, so connect with hiring managers and CEOs and engage in conversation! Not just “hey give me a job” but ask actual questions that they’ll care about (what’s their favorite part about working there? what advice can they give?) and market yourself!
  3. REVISE YOUR RESUME OFTEN- Do not have just one generic resume, one company may be interested in all the different creative measures you can do while another may simply be more statistics driven. Customize your resume AND cover letter for each application 


Happy job hunting! Don’t get discouraged because it’s only the beginning! You can’t reach the top without taking the first steps!

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