Bachelor’s degree in Marketing and Marketing Management

Masters Degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Entrepreneurship

Chief Operating Officer of 501(c)(3) The Regenerate Society, Inc.

For any of the services listed, please email:

Briauna Ashley (Perryman)

Concept & Organizational Planning

Not everyone loves planning and organizing. Luckily, Briauna does! Whether it is an event concept or a business concept, let Briauna Ashley help you organize your thoughts and plan your next steps. This service is for you if you’ve been sitting on an amazing idea and just don’t know where to start.

Day-of Event Logistics

If you already have the event planned but can’t be four places at once, Briauna will meet with you to schedule out everything that needs to happen, delegate certain tasks and be on-site the day of the event for risk management.

Corporate Blogging Services

Limited spots available! This is a convenient service for entities that understand the importance of blogging yet doesn’t have the time or personnel!

Marketing Material

Briauna Ashley specializes in curating print and digital marketing. She has worked with non-profits, state programs and local business to develop brochures, long and short informational booklets and event flyers.

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